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The Midlands Goth Festival 2013 Team

Midlands Goth Festival is organised by a team of volunteers, drawing on their own skills and experience to bring something wonderful to life

The music team

This year, due to us running three nights of audible awesomeness, the music team has expanded to help us provide something for (almost?) everybody

Debbie Graves

Debbie is our resident Mistress of the Dark, having been part of the local Goth scene for more years than she'd let anyone mention. When it comes to "trad" Goth and rockabilly, Debbie is the one that knows everyone and makes sure we pick a lineup that'll get everyone moving.

Jodie 'Jojo' Griffin

A new addition to the music team this year, Jodie is helping us with the more EBM and Industrial side of the musical spectrum. Running the Dystopia club night means she knows who's currently pleasing the crowds, and points us towards the acts that'll interest people.

The Market team

Becky Knight

Becky was involved in the citys Goth scene as a mere nipper, now as a responsible adult, has maintained her love of gothic culture and the arts. By day, not only is she a regular on Birmingham thriving arts and crafts scene she has also been involved in some of Birminghams largest events whilst spending her days promoting and selling the city. With an excellent knowledge of venues,events and theatre she has a contact for almost every variable and sees herself as emailler extraordinaire and general faffer if it means getting the show on the road!

Other herders of cats

Craig Gilman

Craig produces the artwork for MGF and Dark Heart Events, and runs the local Grimm Drawing art class. When it comes to MOAR BATZ, Craig is your man.
An artist and designer, networker and live events specialist he is highly creative and good at solving problems in unconventional ways. Digital Youth Adviser for the Church of England in Birmingham and founder of Ulfilas Christian Goth International, Building bridges between goth and alternative culture and the church. He has been involved in the midlands goth scene since the mid 90's.

Kathryn Downs

Kathryn is a registered Prince2 Project Manager for a national disabled childrens charity, member of Gender Matters, mother of two and part time hedonist. When time allows Kathryn provides administrative support to the Dark Heart Events team. Kathryn is a well known face within the community and can often be found attending Zombie Club, Eddies, The Goth Ball & Zombie Walk to name but a few. Kathryn also has significant experience as a DJ and could be found playing at numerious venues accross the Midlands between 1998 and 2004. During this time she DJ'd for and supported Gulp Nation, promotors of large scale dance music events attracting audiences up to 2000 strong.

Gem Hover

Gem Hover is the resident solicitor for MGF and has been qualified for around 3 years. She has experience in housing law, debt recovery, charity law, company law, contracts, wills and probate, and many forms of litigation. Gem takes care of the administrative, contractual, indemnity and other legal stuff, mainly so that no one else has to... On her friendlier days, though, she does like to feed people cake.

Richard "MurkyGoth" Wallman

Producer of pennies and Web Whipping-boy, Richard has been providing financial support for MGF as well as producing the different websites.
Richard appeared on the Birmingham Goth scene over a decade ago, and they've not managed to get rid of him since. He runs his own successful business providing support for Open Source systems in Birmingham, as well as being the Chief Technical Officer for The Freecycle Network worldwide and numerous other side-projects. Within Dark Heart Events, he provides the online technical geekery, looking after the websites, and brings his organisational and business experience to bear to try and make sure it's sustainable for the long-term, as well as fun.
Richard dreams of getting more sleep - or he would, if he got some sleep...